Welcome to Network NoVA

Our mission at Network NoVA is to connect with others in Northern Virginia and beyond.


We will support efforts that promote our democratic values of equality, justice and human rights. We are here to help each other connect, share resources and ACT!


We are facing an important election in November with Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General as well as all 100 House Districts on the ballot. We want to focus on those races NOW!  After November, we will take on our next tasks of helping flip US Congressional seats.


We welcome input from all sources and will continue to be a site with resources, events and initiatives of interest to our broad and developing community. #WEVOTEWEWIN #ASGOESVIRGINIASOGOESTHENATION


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Who is Network NoVA?

Network NoVA’s goal is to create a network of members who will became active, informed, and empowered to take action in their groups and as individuals.  We actively vet local events, organizations, and activities to keep you in the “know” and give you what you need to make an informed decision on how to participate.

Network NoVa’s goal is to “Keep It Super Simple” (KISS) for our network members by  identifying short-term and long-term actions items that are instrumental in ensuring our democratic values succeed.


Network NoVA serves as a “hub” in the community by:

  • Connecting individuals and  groups for the purpose of sharing information, promoting awareness and education on timely issues and needs, and to support local and national initiatives to further our mission.
  • Creating and supporting events and gatherings for the purpose of building capacity and kinship, and to collaborate with others to exchange ideas to continue the momentum of the movement.
  • Directing efforts to the areas of local and national concern where we find needs immediate attention and action to our network.

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What We Are Up To

We Need Voter Empowerment, not just Voter Registration

Contributed by Alison Symons, TWW NoVA   In the not too distant past, in the months leading up to a state or national level elections, there would be a flurry of activities to register voters by local political party committees and 3rd party organizations. By the rules of the Virginia Department of Elections, anyone conducting …

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Welcome to Network NoVA!

Our mission at Network NoVA is to connect with others in Northern Virginia for the purpose of supporting and suggesting efforts to ensure that our democratic values of equality, justice, and human rights succeed. We are trying to help throughout Northern Virginia and beyond.  

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