Flip-Virginia Network


(Includes NetWork NoVA,  Flip VA Blue Loudoun, Flip VA Blue Prince William)

Once you join and answer the profile questioners it will be obvious to organizers which roles you would like.  (Complete details here)  BE SURE TO SET YOUR PREFERENCES TO ONE EMAIL PER DAY*

  1. Member, by default you receive emails and notifications of events.
  2. Event organizer, whereby you may post up events and email the members.
  3. Co-organizer, whereby you have complete control over the group, can customize the group, assign roles to the members, customize questions add pages and files, etc. (*The co-organizer(s) may choose to set their preferences so they are alerted when a new member joins and when a new event is scheduled)

Post events – email members.  One of the beauties of this system is that each group will be given a group email address, whereby you can email directly from your email account and the members can also reply from their email account.   Since events will be “pushed” to the members once per day; there is no need to go into the system other than to post an event or RSVP

Please feel free to contact me directly with questions, concerns: Stair Calhoun – networkvirginia@gmail.com – 703-203-8510